Elixier of life WATER - Kneipp

Elixir of life WATER: active and healthy with Kneipp

The holistic life concept of the clergyman and naturopath Sebastian Kneipp is still nowadays groundbreaking. On which pillars this stands will be revealed to us at the Kneipp clinic Guggenberg in Brixen. For one afternoon, you can take a break at the Kneipp clinic Guggenberg and experience the healing powers of water. Along the Kneipp path in the park, you will get rid of the winter at the treading of water and gushes. Moreover, you will get some precious diet tips for your everyday life at home and you conclude with a freshly squeezed juice. 


Period: during the festival, on Wednesdays (10th & 17th May), 2.30 – 5 pm
Location: Brixen – private clinic Dr. von Guggenberg, Vahrn
Meeting point: Brixen – private clinic Dr. von Guggenberg or Vahrn - Lidl parking space
Participants: max. 15 people
Fee: 15 €
Further information: the exact meeting point will be communicated at the booking at the Tourist Board Brixen
Booking & info: within 4 pm of the day before at the Tourist Office Brixen T +39 0472 836 401, info@brixen.org


Ticket prices: Light & music show

WoW - World of Water

Sunday - Thursday
Adults (> 12 years): 9 €
Children (6 - 11,99 years): 5 €
Children < 6 years: 0 €

Friday & Saturday
Adults (> 12 years): 12 €
Children (6 - 11,99 years): 5 €
Children < 6 years: 0 €

Dates: Light & music show
from 05.05.2017 till 21.05.2017 
daily: 9 pm , 9.45 pm, 10.30 pm
  Light & music show:
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