Ride Safe

Ride Safe

at the Brixen Bikepark

Slow down before you speed up. Crashes can happen on your first lap. Ride the trail multiple times to get familiar with the features and equipment you’re on so you can confidently push your limits without pushing your threshold. Jumping skills are required for freeride trails.

Warm up the brain and body and inspect the line at low speed.

Lap the line a few times and get to know the flow of the features.

Start small and work your way up faster speeds and larger features.

Trail Rules at Brixen Bikepark

Mountain biking is the most beautiful sport in the world, for those who know what they are doing and those who are aware of the risks.

1. Riding the mountain-bike is at your own risk.
2. Only ride on indicated bike lines. Leaving marked bike lines leads to the withdrawal of the lift ticket.
3. A helmet is required for all riders in the Bikepark (full face helmet recommended). Wear appropriate clothing and protectors.
4. Your mountain-bike must be free of any technical faults. Use of Enduro-, Downhill-, Freeride- or All-Mountain Bike recommended.
5. Please follow the indications of the Bikepark staff as well as of all signs, including line closures.
6. At intersections between bike trails and paved roads art. 145 of the highway code is applied.
7. Respect other visitors, the land and the wildlife.
8. Absolute ban on alcohol.
9. Emergency Call: 112.

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