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The Lines

There are four lines for mountain bikers in Brixen Bikepark, from very easy to challenging. Three of them are characterised by the whistler Fathers of Gravity Logic. What can you expect? A lot of flow for each ability level, many metres of depth, airtime on Hammer Line and riding challenges on the Tom "Pro" Line.

Sky Line
Length: 6.6 km
Difference in altitude: 900 m
Average incline: 13 %
The Sky Line has the longest tradition in Brixen Bikepark. It is the oldest and also the longest line in the park. It is well and truly fast, due to its length demanding in terms of fitness, and it requires good control and the ability to ride safely. The line starts at the mountain station Plose and leads over nearly 1000 metres down to the valley station. On the ride down into the valley, bikers have the benefit of a breathtaking panoramic skyline of Brixen.

Jerry Line
Length: 4.2 km
Difference in altitude: 300 m
Average incline: 7 %
The Jerry Line is really easy. Jerry, the creator of the line who also gave it its name, has never designed it too steep, never too rough and never to tight: It is simply ideal for beginners and kids. There are only 300 metres of difference in elevation from the trailhead to the trail end, but in between are 4.2 km trail fun for the whole family.

Hammer Line
Length: 1.9 km
Difference in altitude: 165 m
Average incline: 8.5 %
Thanks to a few jumps and some nice back and forth action, the Hammer Line guarantees airtime and variety at a length of 1.9 km and 165 metres of height. This line is sensational – it is awesome fun. The name of the line – Hammer – is the name of the landowner who has allowed Gravity Logic to construct the trail in his woods.

Tom “Pro” Line
Length: 2.5 km
Difference in altitude: 265 m
Average incline: 11 %
Tom Pro and Co. literally rolled up their sleeves when constructing the Tom “Pro” Line: It is hand built from top to bottom and a dream for fans of challenging trails. The trail challenges advanced riders with some features, jumps and steeper passages. The length of 2.5 km is more than impressive for a hand-built trail. The Tom “Pro” Line is the most difficult line in Brixen Bikepark and its name is a tribute to Gravity Logic boss Tom Pro(haska).
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