Holidays on Mount Plose

Bressanone’s local leisure mountain

To the East of Bressanone is Mount Plose, Bressanone’s local leisure mountain. Its slopes promise wonderful views of Bressanone and the low mountain ranges of Valle Isarco, as well as plenty of village entertainment. Here, in a rural farming landscape, among hiking paths, pious churches and pleasurable panorama terraces, there is twice as much enjoyment of the 200 days of sunshine.

S. Andrea and the hamlets of Meluno, Cleran, Cornale, Villa and San Leonardo
S. Andrea and its hamlets of S. Andrea village, Meluno, Cleran, Cornale, Villa and San Leonardo are located halfway up the local leisure mountain Plose at an altitude of 970 m. The Plose cable car that takes you up to 2500 m starts in S. Andrea. The parish of S. Andrea is first mentioned in the records in 1174. The mountain route to Passo delle Erbe also starts in S. Andrea, which is why cyclists and motorcyclists like to stop here.

Eores, Plancios and Valcroce
Eores (1500 m), Plancios (1700 m) and Valcroce (2000 m) are typical mountain villages situated very near the summit. Perched in high altitude they offer stunning views of the surrounding moutainscape and perfect conditions for adventures in the mountains. Twice the challenge every day.

Sarnes (600 m) is situated South of Bressanone. It is known mainly for its Diocesan education centre. Sarnes has long been the summer residence of the high-ranking clergy of Bressanone. Many bishops enjoyed the peace and quiet of Sarnes. Today the village has around 300 inhabitants.

The village of Albes with 600 inhabitants is situated at 560 m altitude South of Bressanone. The first settlements of the region date back to the Bronze Age. Albes is first mentioned in the records in 955. Today Albes is considered to be small but perfect: a pretty village, charming narrow streets, lovely apple paradise.
Tips for Mount Plose
Tips for Mount Plose
In the summer the leisure mountain Plose is a paradise for hikers and bikers, in the colder season it is a winter wonderland.
Culinary delights on Mount Plose
In the villages and hamlets on Mount Plose a variety of highly recommended (mountain)restaurants and hostelries await you. Come in, treat yourself to culinary delights and discover this Mecca for connoisseurs.
Culinary delights on Mount Plose
Hotels and accommodation on Mount Plose
Hotels and accommodation on Mount Plose
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