Varna, Novacella and Elvas

The sunshine villages around Bressanone

The holiday villages of Varna, Novacella and Elvas are blessed with plenty of sunshine. Travel writers call this region “the gateway to the South”. The reason is plain to see: Coming from the Brenner, you find the first vines growing here. Already in medieval times the monks of the monastery Abbazia di Novacella made the most of this favourable location in their gardens. Today the villages are meeting points for connoisseurs, art lovers and people with inquiring minds. Lago di Varna and the hiking paths around Elvas offer twice the enjoyment of nature. They are not the same but very similar.

Varna is situated Northwest of Bressanone. Mountains protect the village from the cold North winds, which is a benefit to winegrowers. Since the Middle Ages inn keepers and craftspeople depended on the brisk traffic along the old Brenner road, the most important North-South axis. Several manor houses owned by the aristocracy and high ranking officials of the Prince Bishop of Bressanone still characterise the village. Varna is known for its hiking and cycling excursions. Lago di Varna is also popular with holidaymakers. At Fiume di Scaleres Kneipp spa is on offer.


Novacella is a hamlet with over 800 inhabitants belonging to the municipality of Varna. On the West side the river Isarco flows through the village. Novacella is known for the Abbazia di Novacella, one of the largest monasteries in Tyrol and still an active Augustine monastery. In the autumn Novacella is a popular Törggele destination.

Elvas is situated at an altitude of 814 m on a sunny hill Northeast of Bressanone. The 300 inhabitants and the holiday guests enjoy beautiful views of the Bressanone basin. Many prehistoric finds point to an early settlement of sunny Elvas. Hiking, biking, enjoying: Elvas is a jewel for people needing a relaxing break from their busy lives.
Adventure tips in Varna, Novacella and Elvas
Adventure tips in Varna, Novacella and Elvas
The sunny villages of Varna, Novacella and Elvas welcome visitors with interesting destinations for excursions and special activities. During your stay in and around Bressanone you must visit Abbazia di Novacella!
Rest and restoration in Varna, Novacella and Elvas
Where good wine grows, good food is not far away. The landlords of Varna, Novacella and Elvas are looking forward to dishing up their best for you.
Rest and restoration in Varna, Novacella and Elvas
Hotels in Varna, Novacella and Elvas
Hotels in Varna, Novacella and Elvas
Search and book accommodation in Varna, Novacella and Elvas. Hotels in Varna, hotels in Novacella, hotels in Elvas - everyone finds their favourite hotel here.
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