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Albes Church

General description

Already in the Bronze Age, there existed a settlement at Abeins/Albes, mentioned in a document for the first time around 960, under the name of Allpines, later Albines. The actual church was built around 1320, at the end of the 15th century it was rebuilt and finally, in 1784, it was changed into Baroque style. It is consecrated to the Saints Hermagoras and Fortunat (painting on the high altar). The side statues date from the first part of the 18th century and represent the St. Albuin and the St. Ingenuin, while the wall- painting on the front and the ceiling fresco on the inside date from the period around 1700. The oldest church of the village is the Margarethen- Church. It has been arched in the late Gothic period, changed into Baroque in the 17th century with remnants of Gothic and Baroque frescoes. Precious Mary- statue of Master Leonhard von Brixen.

Albeins / Albes
39042 Brixen / Bressanone
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