Better together

Better together

The time around Christmas is a time of tranquillity and love. Thinking of all the good that has happened during the past year brings families and loved ones together.
The organisers of the Brixen Christmas market give great importance to a common design of the Christmas market. The colourful pictures at the various Christmas market stalls, for example, were painted last year by some pupils from Brixen. This year there will be some initiatives again to make the Brixen Christmas market even more magical.

Design of the Advent calendar by a social institution
Every year, the large Advent calendar at Brixen Cathedral Square surprises with a new content. This year, the employees of a social institution in Brixen are painting the 24 pictures behind the calendar windows, thus making an important contribution to the design of the Brixen Christmas Market.

Making Christmas decorations with the pupils of the elementary schools in Brixen
The Christmas tree is one of the typical symbols of Christmas and represents the hope and light that Christ Child gave to the people. The tree is decorated with light cains or candles that represent the light. Every year, the most beautiful ornaments are chosen for decorating the tree. The Christmas tree shines from Christmas Eve until 6 January, the day it is usually removed.

Christmas decorations are often made together in families, where especially children's eyes start to shine. This year, the Brixen elementary school pupils will design the Christmas decorations for the trees in the Cathedral Square. These decorations can be seen throughout the entire Christmas season.

Did you know?
In South Tyrol, Christmas trees can be decorated in two ways: in traditional, rural peasant style, with ribbons and red-coloured string used to hang red apples and decorations made of straw. These include the familiar star made of wood or dough. Alternatively, the trees can be decorated in a more urbain style with glass baubles, white and silver candles and silver or gold tinsel.