We live Tradition. 30 years Brixen Christmas Market

We live Tradition. 30 years Brixen Christmas Market

Already centuries ago, the Brixen Cathedral Square in the heart of the city was known as the marketplace and was considered the centre of social activity.
With the idea of creating a Christmas market on Brixen's Cathedral Square, people wanted to offer visitors something very special in the pre-Christmas period. The idea was not to focus on the commercial character, but to create an authentic atmosphere with a rich cultural program.

In the 1980s, many Brixen residents travelled to the nearby Christmas markets during the Advent season and were thrilled by the pre-Christmas atmosphere prevailing there.
Josef Palfrader from Brixen was selling the much-requested gems at the Christmas markets of Nuremberg, Mainz, Mannheim, Wiesbaden and Freiburg. He was the one having the idea of creating a Christmas market in Brixen.
After having talked to various exhibitors and organizers of the different markets, Josef Palfrader received numerous reports on experiences, which he collected and approached to the city councillor Helmuth Kerer. He was enthusiastic about the project right from the start.
After careful reflection, hexagonal huts with shingle roofs were chosen to create the right atmosphere. These can still be seen on the market today. The huts were arranged in two circles, to ensure that the individual market stalls were clearly visible and easily accessible to visitors. This also supported the communication between the exhibitors.

28 November 1991
On 28 November 1991 the time had finally come: the opening of the first Brixen Christmas Market took place on that Thursday in November at 5 p.m. on the beautifully decorated Cathedral Square, an incomparable and impressive setting.

The citizens of Brixen had thus created something that nobody dared to dream. Markets, especially the Christmas markets, have always connected people. Brixen was proud to have created a successful combination of church and society, of cathedral and cathedral square, of spiritual and social life.

In recent years, the Brixen Christmas Market has become an essential part of the social and economic life in and around the city of Brixen.

In 2020 the Brixen Christmas Market celebrates its 30th anniversary. This year, special attention will be paid to tradition and customs.
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