Liora. The preciousness of an instant

Liora. The preciousness of an instant

Christmas 2021 at the Hofburg in Brixen

This year, a very special cultural event will take place in the courtyard of the Bishop’s Palace of Brixen, the Hofburg. "Liora. The Preciousness of an Instant" is created in collaboration with a team of artists from Brixen and this winter brings light, joy and music to the otherwise silent walls of the Hofburg.

The story comes from the pen of the director and actress Eva Kuen, who also directs and is the overall director of the play. Together with Stephen Lloyd from Brixen, who composes the music for this fantastic journey, and Arno Dejaco, whose lyrics are poetically and sensitively combined with the music, the collaboration with the French lighting artists of Spectaculaire is put on a new level. The main characters Liora and Monsieur Ticktack are alternately played by the well-known Brixen actors Viktoria Obermarzoner and Peter Schorn, Anna Fink and Emanuele Colombi.

The plot
The story of the preciousness of the lived moment is told. Liora, who is abruptly shaken out of her ideal world on the threshold of adulthood, has to experience how the warming community, the soft nest of the family, suddenly turns into a world in which everyone fights against everyone else. People are not evil, but out of longing for happiness they begin to capture the beautiful moments and pack them in boxes. And so undivided happiness withers away in the darkness of a particularly cold winter.
Without really understanding what, Liora sets off on a search and meets Monsieur Ticktack, an oddball who lives in the old clock at the Hofburg. Together they embark on a journey on which Liora learns to trust the flow of time and thus achieve the longed-for fullness.

Liora Light Musical Show
Christmas in Brixen
period 11/25/2021 - 12/26/2021
3 overnight stays
from 195 € per person