Window, open up

Window, open up

Who does not like to remember how, as a child, you would rush to the Advent calendar every morning and open a window full of excitement? What is hidden behind it today? With excitement and anticipation, children open a door every day and can hardly wait until the Infant Christ comes.
A large Advent calendar on a house front in the Cathedral Square awakens this feeling of anticipation and curiosity in both, young and old Christmas market visitors. Every day during the pre-Christmas period, a window opens at 4.30 p.m.
This year, it reveals paintings by the residents of the Seeburg Social Institution, which were painted especially for the 30th Brixen Christmas Market. While the windows are being opened, a Tyrolean shepherd will distribute lottery tickets to the children. The prizes can be redeemed immediately at the indicated Christmas market stalls.

Are you looking forward to Christmas more and more every day? Then let Brixen's virtual Advent calendar take you into the atmospheric Christmas season and rediscover the magic of this very special time.

Details will follow soon.