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Claudia Reh

Claudia Reh, the German artist and founder of ECHTZEITLICHT, works analogically and calls it light graphics. Since 1996, she has been working as a free artist and film producer in Dresden and has already staged numerous art and light festivals. Creations of theatre plays with light performances are also part of her work as well as animated films and documentaries.

“Light is the basics of all life. Light is an aid for my work in order to bring visualized thoughts to a place where they should interlock. Just in this interlocking a new statement is created, only visible for a certain time, not as a finished picture but as a consideration, as a sketch somehow”, asserts Claudia Reh.

Claudia Reh paints, draws, collages and works on three or more projectors so that a handmade film is created like a permanently changing projection to music. Her work materials are overhead projectors of different light intensity to high-end appliances, with which large buildings can be put into scene. The installations leave no traces on the spot, only in one’s head. Only for a short time, a game comes to life, a thin line between the visible and the invisible, without occupying a place permanently.

Try it yourself, the incredible power of light on overhead projectors and leave traces in people’s minds…


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