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Water concert - Fluid Keys

Fluid Keys – the unique water concert on the peninsula at Widmann Bridge Brixen, at the confluence of the two rivers Isarco and Rienza.
Composition: Manuela Kerer


What happens to five pianos that are exposed to nature for a certain time? In her new work “Fluid Keys”, Manuela Kerer has been able to create a link between composition and nature, in which nature itself is an interpreter alongside five pianists. Like Isarco and Rienza join each others, in the same way composition and nature come together, fertilize each other, distinguish themselves, and become one in the end: nature as an erratic, but therefore even more intriguing partner- the composition as flowing art in time. The pianos, which are placed at the natural park between Isarco and Rienza, become works of art themselves as well as artists, whose operating is unpredictable.

The 3 live concerts between the 5th and 21st May will be each time a new and different event, more or less, according to the weather. Next to the avant-gardist sound language of Manuela Kerer, the visitors will also hear known “water music”, as the Brixen composer has arranged in her work pieces of Händel „Water music“, Smetana’s „Moldau“ or Debussy’s „La Mer“ for this unique and rare ensemble of five pianos. The pianos, which are used, are instruments that were due to be disposed of. Instead of going on a land fill, they become an immanently important element of an art project.

The French light artists Spectaculaires give the music project with their poetic light plays a very special note and transform the place into a magic light world.

The live concerts will be held on the following dates:
6th May 2017: 5.00 am - opening concert followed by a breakfast
13th May 2017: 9.30 pm followed by an aperitif
20th May 2017: 9.30 pm - final concert followed by an aperitif

Tamara Salcher
Valentine Gasser
Eva Maria Vinatzer
Renzo Huber
Stephanie Dorfmann

On all other evenings, Widmann Bridge turns into a meeting point for music lovers, who listen to Manuela Kerer’s music and let themselves be enchanted by the magic light world of the artists Spectaculaires.
Daily at 9 pm every 15 minutes, Widmann Bridge

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