Earn your descents

Out and about with the locals

On our guided bike tours, bike enthusiasts from near and far meet to experience unforgettable bike adventures together on the trails around Brixen. Pure nature, great views and cool trails - three things that make biking so special. Together with the Plose Bike School, we experience the most beautiful places in South Tyrol on a mountain bike. And what would a South Tyrol holiday and complete cycling happiness be without good food at the alpine huts around Brixen? All this, plus a big grin on your face, awaits you on our guided bike tours!

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Best of Trails Brixen

Freeriding in Brixen

every Monday

22.05. - 24.09.2023

Enjoying the whole day on the best trails in the area. A freeride tour of the finest with decent depth metres.

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Villnöss eMountainbike Tour

every Tuesday
23.05. - 10.10.2023

A real treat is this tour with the eMountainbike. Cool trails, spectacular nature and delicious food.

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Peaks & Trails

The 3 Summits Tour

every Friday

26.05. - 13.10.2023

Just the right tour for summit climbers and trail lovers. With the bike on three peaks and on fabulous trails back to the valley.

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every Thursday

22.06. - 21.09.2023

An experience not only with the skis. The Sellaronda is a real classic and at the same time a challenge for experienced bikers.

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Plose 360°

the Bucket-List-Tour four Mountainbiker

every Saturday

27.05. - 14.10.2023

From the Plose, a unique view of the Dolomite opens up - the constant companions of this tour.

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Brenner border ridge

e-Mountainbike Tour

every Sunday

21.05. - 15.10.2023

The Brenner border ridge tour takes us on a fascinating journey through the past, along the old military roads and paths that were built near the main ridge of the Alps between 1938 and 1942. 

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Good to know

Ride fair!

STS Difficulty-Levels

Good to know

Basic MTB knowledge is required for all tours (S1 level).

All tours can be done with MTBs or eMTBs.

The lift tickets as well as a rental bike is not included in the tour price. Plose Bike is happy to help find what you need.

Ride fair!

This routes lead across single trails, hiking trails and forest roads. Please note that these routes aren’t only used by bikers, so please respect others sharing the same paths, respect nature and agriculture! Close pasture gates, don't leave rubbish behind and wear the appropriate protective equipment for your own good!

STS Difficulty-Levels

S0 – S1: easy

  • S0: easy trails, such as simple forest and meadow trails on natural ground with good grip or consolidated gravel.
  • S1: Trails with smaller obstacles such as flat roots or small stones, loose ground possible.

S2: medium

  • Trails with larger obstacles such as roots and stones, as well as unpaved ground or steps.

S3 – S 5: difficult

  • S3: trails with larger rock steps or root passages, tight hairpin bends and curves.