Winter in all its glory

Peaceful winter hiking trails

Nothing encapsulates the serene magic of winter more than snow-capped mountains and glistening white forests. In the Brixen valley basin and on the mountains, you’ll find plenty of well-signposted and well-maintained trails leading to magnificent viewpoints. If you fancy heading up into the mountains, the Plose lifts take no time at all to transport you upwards to landscapes blanketed in deep snow. From here, you can hike to numerous mountain lodges on the carefully prepared winter hiking trails. After walking through all that snow, nothing can beat that first sip from a steaming mug of hot chocolate with cream, the sun shining down on you.

Looking for an adventure full of unspoilt nature, idyllic natural landscapes, breathtaking climbs and unforgettable mountain panoramas? Then snowshoeing is the perfect activity for you, especially if you’re happy to carry your own flask of tea and snacks. Here are a few tips on snowshoeing near Brixen..

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Snowshoe hike on mount Plose

Discover the mountains with local guides

Hiking through the deep forest to a wonderful place in the mountains. A tour like something out of a picture book. Mountain guide Max will show you the way.

A snowshoe hike in the Plose area, perfectly suited for active beginners and those seeking peace and quiet.

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Snowshoe hike on the alpine pasture of Lüsen/Rodeneck

Discover the mountains with local guides

Snow-covered trees, pure tranquility and you. You are accompanied by mountain guide Max, who knows the area like the back of his hand.

Snowshoeing on the wide high alpine pasture in Lüsen/Rodeneck for beginners and slightly advanced.

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