Light Musical Liora

24.11.2022 - 07.01.2023


The Christmas fairy tale Liora, which is told by the two main characters, a young girl named Liora and Monsieur TickTack in the form of spoken and sung dialogue, takes visitors on a very unusual journey with colourful images, new music and live singing....

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I didn't think a show lasting just 20 minutes would move me so much and remain in my heart for so long


Tickets available from 10.10.2022

Tickets for the Light Musical Liora will soon be available here...

The story

Let us tell you a story… Every year as winter swept across the land and blanketed the mountains in snow, fires would burn brightly in the Hofburg palace and people’s eyes would light up at the thought of the coming festivities. Everyone was excited and happy. But out of fear of losing these beautiful moments and memories, they decided to pack them all away in heavy chests and lock them in the cellar. Soon, the world became shrouded in darkness and the joy was wiped from everyone’s faces.


Die Geschichte des Light Musicals thematisiert auf erfrischend leichte und zugleich tiefgründige Weise, das Thema der Zeit und verweist auf das unaufhaltsame Fortschreiten derselben.

The theme of the time is moving to the centre of our thoughts and actions, particularly now and especially at Christmas, in all its forms and manifestations. The script, written especially for Brixen, explores the question of how sensible it is to hold on to happiness, to lock it up in trunks and put it in chains, when happiness cannot be captured. Like everything else, happiness and joy have a life cycle that cannot be artificially extended.

The audience is invited by the fairy tale to listen to themselves, to pause, and to live and feel the precious moments of happiness in a conscious and intense way and to live their lives with awareness.

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Winter magic lights up the Hofburg Palace


Actors, Director & Co


Monsieur TickTack

Eva Kuen

script & direction

Stephen Lloyd & Haydn Orchester


Arno Dejaco



Video-mapping & images