Sustainability as enrichment

Together for a better future!

Nature touches us when we leave it untouched. Brixen and its surroundings stand for spectacular mountains, mystical forests and wild water places; these are the places we want to preserve.

Sustainability is no longer a special feature, sustainability has become the norm. Politics, business and consumers have understood that everyone must make a contribution and use resources responsibly. Because a consistently practiced positioning in the field of sustainability fits perfectly Brixen Tourism, it is a fundamental topic for our strategy. 

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Climate change and climate change adaptation

Climate change ist happening.

Climate change is happening and can also be felt in Brixen. Even by completely stopping the emission of greenhouse gases, a further increase in temperature is unavoidable. In addition to increased climate protection measures, steps are needed to adapt to the consequences of climate change that can no longer be averted. The spring and autumn months will become warmer and an extensive spring hike may already be possible in early March. The summer months will also become hotter and summit hikes will have to be postponed until early morning. At Bressanone Tourism, we take this change into account in our product development so that unique experiences in Brixen and the surrounding area can still be guaranteed.

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