Winter in all its glory

Peaceful winter hiking trails

The snowy landscape around Brixen provides in winter an enchanting backdrop for enthusiastic hikers and nature lovers. Winter hiking in this region is a unique opportunity to experience the tranquil beauty of the snow-covered mountains. The groomed trails lead through picturesque forests and over deeply winter-covered meadows, while the snow-covered peaks majestically rise on the horizon.

Snowshoeing is particularly popular, allowing access to remote and untouched areas. The quiet steps on snowshoes enable the enjoyment of nature in its undisturbed splendor. From the slopes around Brixen, breathtaking views unfold of the winter panorama of the Dolomites. This region is therefore not only a paradise in summer but also in winter for hiking enthusiasts who want to experience the silence and beauty of the snowy mountain landscape.

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Safe today?

Assess avalanche danger

In the mountains, weather, snow conditions and the avalanche situation constantly change. Where many people were passing safely just hours before, a dangerous situation can suddenly arise.How about you? Are you always conscious about where you are and under which conditions you are hiking? Do you pay attention to your surroundings in order to recognise potential dangers such as steepness, hollows and gullies, or possible avalanches from above?The daily avalanche report gives you helpful assistance!

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