10 Tips for a Responsible Vacation in Brixen

Travel and explore

consciously, mindfully, and respectfully

Vacationing in Brixen means discovering beautiful landscapes, engaging in exciting encounters with locals, and expanding your horizons. However, mobility and consumption also entail resource use. With these tips, you can not only minimize your ecological footprint but also experience unique, authentic, and lasting travel adventures.

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Choose the Greenest Way to Brixen

Traveling by plane and car has the most significant impact on the climate balance. Brixen is well-connected to public transportation from the north and south. Traveling by train becomes an exciting and gentle introduction to the journey. Opt for a lighter suitcase, as packing less and lighter saves CO2 and helps preserve the environment.

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Travel Flexibly and Move Around South Tyrol

With the BrixenCard, you can use all buses and trains in South Tyrol for free during your stay. Enjoy your car-free vacation! Many accommodations offer bicycles for rent, so don't hesitate to inquire. If you prefer complete independence, consider renting a car through car-sharing. Whether by bus, car-sharing, bicycle, or on foot, Brixen offers various environmentally friendly ways to reach your daily destination.

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Refill Your Bottle – Drink Mountain Water and Avoid Plastic

Bring your reusable water bottle and enjoy the excellent, clean, and crystal-clear drinking water. Fill your bottle at one of the numerous fountains in the city and on the mountain. At the Tourist Info Brixen, you can purchase a Brixen water bottle as a reusable souvenir. Please avoid using plastic bottles and help us preserve the natural beauty of our environment!

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Reduce, reuse, recycle

Reduce: "Less is more" is the new normal and the key to less resource consumption and greater environmental friendliness.

Reuse: Use reusable items whenever possible and pay attention to recycling symbols and disposal locations.

Recycle: Brixen is proud of its well-functioning recycling system – be part of it!

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Stay Longer – A Win-Win-Win Situation

More encounters, deeper impressions, and less resource consumption. Experience your vacation more intensely and return more refreshed. Compared to multiple short stays, a longer continuous stay reduces traffic and saves emissions.

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Experience Brixen Outside Peak Season

More idyllic, new colors, and deeper impressions – traveling outside peak seasons creates special moments and a more balanced, long-term healthier tourism. Why not enjoy the last ski descents with the warming April sun, observe nature awakening from winter's sleep, and be inspired by the autumn colors? More space, more interactions, and more relaxation are guaranteed!

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Prefer Sustainable and Locally Operated Accommodations

A conscious choice of accommodation pays off in multiple ways. Accommodations are the second-largest source of CO2 emissions during travel. Choose businesses committed to environmental protection and social justice. Locally operated accommodations also ensure that value remains in the region. Additionally, many environmentally conscious accommodations provide dispensers with organic, eco-friendly, and refillable shampoos and shower gels in their guest rooms. Check with your booked accommodations for availability and leave shower items at home!

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Mindful on the Mountain – Respect the Environment

Das Projekt „Achtsam am Berg“ zielt darauf ab, Besucher im Gebiet des Dolomiten UNESCO Welterbes für ein umweltfreundliches Verhalten am Berg und im Alltag zu sensibilisieren. Die Themenschwerpunkte liegen beim Trinkwasser und der Abfallvermeidung.

The "Mindful on the Mountain" project aims to sensitize visitors in the Dolomites UNESCO World Heritage area to environmentally friendly behavior in the mountains and everyday life. The focus is on drinking water and waste avoidance.

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Enjoy Responsibly and Locally, and Shop Unpackaged

Numerous local restaurants and businesses focus on regional and sustainable products. Enjoy the offerings and simultaneously support the local economy. Bring your fabric bag for shopping and avoid unnecessary packaging waste.

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Be an Example

Lead by positive example – for yourself and for future explorers and adventurers. Think about the generation of tomorrow, which wants to enjoy our natural wonders just as you do today. Act thoughtfully and responsibly, leave the smallest possible ecological footprint, and treat hosts and other visitors with respect.

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