Brixen Water Light Festival

03 - 21 May 2023

Local and international artists - such as Stefano Cagol, Filip Roca or Siegrun Appelt - transform fountains and cultural-historical treasures into an open-air gallery with their creative ideas. Reflections on ecological, economic and social aspects related to water and light are the basis of the artistic works.

Under the motto "Water is life - light is art", an art trail is being created in Brixen's old town. The various works of art are connected by a 3.2 km long blue line. Follow the line and let it guide you through the festival.

The Brixen Water Light Festival takes place annually in May. The idea for the festival was born in 2015 after the premiere of the light and music show at the Hofburg in Brixen. The first edition of the festival was held in May 2017.

Art, light and water and a head full of dreams and thoughts. Being free and letting oneself fall, floating on the surface of the water, submerging, and carrying the light within. Being critical and playful, a rollercoaster of emotions. Screaming, standing still, having fun, seeing the world. And figure it out?

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Some during day, others in the evening


Brixen, Neustift and Franzensfeste


Sustainable use of water, mindfulness for nature

Brixen Water Light Festival

Light-art in the old town of Brixen and environs

The Brixen Water Light Festival offers over 40 installations by internationally renowned artists in Brixen, Neustift and Franzenfeste. Most of the artworks are freely accessible, but three highlight artworks in the Herrengarten Garden, the Hofburg Brixen and the City Librars are only accessible with a ticket. More details in the link below.

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Locations of the Brixen Water Light Festival 2023