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Frequently asked questions

When does the Brixen Water Light Festival take place?
The festival will take place daily from 3 to 21 May 2023.

Is the festival taking place during day or nighttime?
The Brixen Water Light Festival is a day and night festival. At night in the public areas of Brixen and at day in the museums of Neustift Monastery and Franzensfeste Fortress.
The town of Brixen will be illuminated with water and light art installations that are linked together with a blue line through the city.
The museums of the Neustift Monastery and Franzensfeste Fortress will host several light installations that are accessible during daytime.

Do I need at ticket for the festival?
The Water Light Festival in Brixen is free of charge. Only 3 locations in the town require a ticket.
In the museums Kloster Neustift and Festung Franzensfeste, the water and light art installations are accessible with the normal museum ticket.

What is the best way to get to the different locations of the festival?
The locations are very well connected thanks to public transport. Find the connections here:

What is the best way to move around at the festival?
In the old town of Brixen, the blue line will guide you through the festival. Follow it and it will lead you from artwork to artwork.

Are there public toilets in the old town of Brixen where the festival takes place?
Yes, you can find the public toilets here

Is the Brixen Water Light Festival accessible for wheelchairs?
The festival route is accessible for wheelchair users. There are, however, some points that need to be taken into account:
Brixen: the blue route in the old town of Brixen is wheelchair accessible
Neustift: In the Neustift Monastery museum, visitors must use an elevator to follow the route.
Franzensfeste: Franzensfeste Fortress is partly barrier-free. The ground is uneven, making it more difficult to get around.

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