Water - our most precious resource.

The Brixen Water Light Festival © aims to raise awareness of this issue beyond regional borders.
The mission is to spread a respectful awareness of nature and sustainable use of water resources, to strengthen the cultural link with local tradition and history, and to raise awareness among guests and the public about environmentally friendly consumer behaviour.

The Brixen Water Light Festival stands as a venue in South Tyrol for sustainability. The focus is on the use of energy from renewable sources, environmentally friendly products and digital advertising campaigns. It would be nice if you too could help to make our festival a more ecologically compatible event, e.g. by making your journey to us more environmentally friendly.

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10 steps for a sustainable festival

  • Use of green energy
  • saving of unnecessary public lighting
  • Thematisation of light pollution
  • Reduction of printing materials and CO2 neutral printing
  • Use of recycling paper for printed material
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  • Focus of artworks : sensibilization of ecological problems
  • Exchange with environmental authorities and experts
  • Encouraging of participation and inclusion
  • ILO Sustainability Manifesto
  • Co-operation with public transport companies and promotion of use through guaranteed discounts with ÖBB and DB
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Sustainability study Water Light Festival 2023

for visitors of the festival

During the Water Light Festival, Eurac Research was conducting a visitor and resident survey on behalf of the Brixen Tourism with a focus on sustainability. Sustainability is based on the three dimensions of economy, ecology and social issues and their mutual balance.