Adlerbrücke Bridge

RIVER GLOW (2023), Italy

In their installation and performance, AliPaloma and Hartwig Thaler tell of the physical and spiritual-magical power of water. On the one hand, this luminous object tells of the possibility of converting water power into electrical energy and, on the other, it is a symbol of the special spiritual power that emanates from water. The river is a powerful friend, it is the calm in the moving, it gives light to people. Performers carry this light with them near the shore, it flows through their mind and body. They are in connection with the luminous lens and together symbolise the multiple power of water. 

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AliPaloma & Hartwig Thaler


AliPaloma dedicates herself to social-ecological realities with a sensitive, critical eye and exposes them entirely for their fragility. Her aesthetics of the smooth and fragile and the political pink are features of her artistic expression.

Hartwig Thaler, on the other hand, approaches the evolutionary motive forces of life. Taking up current social needs, he creates paintings and sculptures, designs and installations.

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