Säbener Tor Gate

Plastic Reef

The projection on the Säbener Tor gate takes you into the living world of a coral reef and shows its beauty and richness of marine life. Climate change and plastic pollution are destroying the delicate ecosystem of coral reefs. Human influence is mainly to blame for the destruction. With dynamic visual effects and a haunting sound design, the increasing amount of plastic waste, which suffocates corals and poisons fish, is dramatically illustrated. The oceans must be protected so that diversity and thus our livelihoods are preserved.

Each and every individual must contribute to this before it is too late.

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Andreas Siefert


Andreas Siefert (born 1976) is a media artist, scenographer and musician. He primarily works with interactive computer art in a spatial context and has exhibited his work at international exhibitions. Since 2008, he has been managing director of PONG.Li Studios GmbH, a company specialising in interactive installations, media productions and digital knowledge transfer. In 2016, he also took over the chairmanship of the Karlsruhe Media Region.

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