Herrengarten Garden

LSP-Herrengarten (2023), Netherland

With LSP-Herrengarten, Edwin van der Heide has devised a three-dimensional interplay of light and sound for the Herrengarten in Brixen. By using a thin layer of smoke, the light of multiple lasers becomes visible and tangible. The light plays with the architecture of the historic site and its surroundings. Some light beams reach as far as the surrounding buildings, while the visitors and the spatial surroundings, including the trees catch others. The laser light creates new spatial structures and illuminates the Herrengarten from previously unimagined perspectives.

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Edwin van der Heide


Edwin van der Heide is an artist and composer at the intersection of sound and space. His work comprises environments, installations, and performances, and the audience has always been integral to their execution. Light takes centre stage: not only does it determine van der Heide’s musical vocabulary and compositions, but it also shapes his dynamic and spatial perception and design.

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