Altenmarktgasse Street


Endless rebirth. The cyclical flow of life, which is very fragile and can be easily disrupted. And we humans irresponsibly violate this harmony of life, which can become a disaster for humanity itself. We must be aware that we are only a small part of this world and should respect its balance and flow.

The work is a meditative video art project to the original healing music of the sound frequency, which will immerse the viewer in a relaxing trance.

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Julia Shamsheieva


Julia Shamsheieva is an audiovisual artist, who is based in Odesa, Ukraine. Her practice consists of experiments with various media such as video mapping, digital art, light and interactive installations, AR and VR. She won various prizes and her works have been featured in festivals and events all over the world and she is always looking for ways to share her creativity with people and loves to let her imagination run wild.

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