Hartwigplatz square

BELOW SURFACE (2021), Slovenia

The light installation Below Surface reaches into the depths of the waters and tries to revive the world down there. The illumination of a fragile wire mesh structure sketches a hologram-looking image of a mysterious deep-sea creature. This floating sculpture above the fountain gives the impression that it has just risen from it.

The presence of a giant squid, this rarely-seen inhabitant of deep waters, spreads a respectful awareness of nature and the waters that we must keep clean for their inhabitants.

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Katja Paternoster


Katja Paternoster works in the field of architecture and lighting design. She finds her interest in exposing current and relevant topics and developing these ideas in light installations. In recent years, the artist created a series of light sculptures made from wire mesh, addressing various thematic cycles (Night Visitors, Domestic and Wild, Wundertiere and the most recent Below Surface).

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