Große Lauben Street

Amours en Cage (2012) – France

Amours en Cage is a poetic installation which transforms the public space to immerse passers-by in a marvellous setting. Between the sky and the sea, a festive scenography wraps the historic Grosse Lauben street in a dreamlike world, which resembles starry and poetic escape.

Delicately suspended like stars in the sky, these imaginary fruits gently awaken, and tinkle, offering to the viewer a poetic experience of this beautifully shaped plant. It reminds us of the omnipresence of nature, to which it tries to pay an hommage.

It is an invitation to fantasy, an encounter with an imaginary world, cradled by ambient music in the heart of the city.

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Porté par le Vent - Christophe Martine


Christophe Martine, the founder of Porté par le Vent was naturally drawn to wind and art in the sky as a paraglider. He then turned his hand to light design and has been creating a unique world filled with kites inspired by plant and animal kingdoms and infused with gentle poetry for the past decade. His shows have been displayed at various festivals and events worldwide.

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