24 kW

In the classicist entrance hall of the Brixen Cathedral, 12 spotlights create a glistening bright light space visible from afar. The light in the installation is used from the recovered energy (24kW/h in total) obtained by switching off the surrounding church lighting. Symbolically, light stands for good and for the origin of life. However, the physical experience of extreme glare and radiant heat also points to its destructive power. In cooperation with the Diocese of Bozen-Brixen, which has joined the Climate Alliance, the energy consumption of the installation is neutralised by switching off church lighting in Bressanone and the surrounding area.

Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, donation of the artist with kind support of Zumtobel Group.

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Siegrun Appelt


Siegrun Appelt is a Vienna-based artist. The photo and media artist has been working for years on the themes of time and movement and on sharpness/blur relations created by fast movement. In 2010, she initiated the project Slow Light, which aims at an energy-efficient and aesthetically sustainable approach to light and darkness.

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