Brixen Tourism

The Great Platanus, 2023

Every tree on earth is a living ecosystem that needs water and light. For the Brixen Water Light Festival, the trunk of the great plane tree will be exposed and, thanks to a meticulous projection, will reveal its rising sap at the bark, trickle with a thousand drops in the spring, parade in multicoloured clothes as a tribute to the autumn and to the colours of the sky, and become a tree of ice when it freezes like a stone. Its branches, dressed in light like a protective umbrella, attract a winged fauna which, with the complicity of the valley winds, will produce a natural soundtrack according to the seasons.

For passers-by coming from the town centre, smiling faces will appear superimposed on the foliage and thus welcome visitors.

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Spectaculaire - Benoît Quéro


Benoît Quéro (b. 1957) studies and started his work in Rennes (Brittany). Thanks to his memorable encounters with Henry Alekan, a French head operator, and François-Eric Valentin, a lighting designer and artist, Benoît Quéro got his first steps in the business in light control, sets and décor, theatre, festivals. In 1986, he creates the association “Spectaculaire” with a team of light designer and technical directors. In 1987, the association becomes a limited company: Spectaculaires is born!

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