Train Station Brixen


LOVE WATER is an imposing light installation that brings attention to our relationship with the element of water. The installation is designed to remind viewers of the importance of valuing and protecting water, despite its supposed constant availability. The use of controllable LED strips allows for a variety of interactions between the heart and water drop elements, making the installation appear as a dynamic and immersive spatial structure. The artwork is a call to action to love and care for the precious resource water. During the day, the photovoltaic system on the roof supplies the power to operate the LEDs self-sufficiently.

Technical support: WF Mechanik

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Studio 3light


Florian Prader, Ken Lindenberg and Valeria Hofer are the founders of the studio 3light and the creators of the thought-provoking light art installation LOVE WATER. Florian, as a product designer is the creative part. Ken, a native of Berlin and resident in Brixen, is an engineer for fluid mechanics and a software developer with a specialization in image processing. Valeria, also a resident of Brixen, holds a PhD in building and clean room engineering.

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