City Library Brixen


The work STRATA is an intriguing journey through the life cycle of a glacier as a site-specific projection on the library's facade in Brixen. The development of a glacier is followed from Microcosm to Macrocosm, from compressed layers of snow to meandering formations that shape whole landscapes. During the animation, the visitors are guided into the glacier's heart, where they can witness an interplay of ice, light and sonic phenomena. Also, the role of technological advances and human influences on diverse ecosystems are explored until the cycle begins anew.

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Xenorama develops various forms of expression situated at the interface of animation, sound, installation and performance. Since 2014 the five artists combine modern media technology with their passion for digital narratives and a highly developed sense of atmospheric dramaturgy. Xenorama’s diverse projects have been exhibited worldwide and achieved numerous national and international awards.

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