Local is best

Delicious south tyrolian products from local producers

Natural south tyrolian products, sustainability and regional provenance are some of the key values preserved in Brixen and the surrounding area. Buying produce directly from local farmers is a great opportunity to get personal recommendations as well as insights into the region’s agricultural practices and traditions. Sample a range of cheeses and bread varieties or tantalise your taste buds with an assortment of products made from local honey. There’s always something new to discover!

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Local products for conscientious shoppers

Delicious flavours, traditional products and proven quality

Imagine biting into a crunchy apple, breathing in the heart-warming aroma of freshly roasted chestnuts or sampling a powerful, fruity white wine… A foray into South Tyrol’s culinary landscape allows you to try all these products and many more besides. Here, locals turn premium ingredients like fruit, vegetables, herbs and berries into high-quality products.

So what are you waiting for? Get to know Brixen’s passionate producers, their traditional techniques and their first-rate products today.


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An energy booster

South Tyrol’s meadows and woodland are home to hundreds of thousands of bees, which spend their days busy collecting nectar and honey dew. From multi-flower honey and dandelion honey to forest honey, this precious product is aromatic, rich and above all healthy. 160,000 bees from four colonies can be found buzzing around Brixen Tourism Association’s roof terrace. These bees produce the town’s very first variety of urban honey.

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Cheese like you’ve never tasted before

Cheese variations from Brixen

Food lovers, beware! You will not want to miss this unique cheese shop run by award-winning chef Hansi Baumgartner and his family in Vahrn near Brixen. Hansi painstakingly selects and refines niche products of premium quality from small cheese dairies in South Tyrol, Italy and further afield. Tip: These innovative, experimental cheese creations are available to purchase from Hansi’s shop.

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The noble chestnut

Treasures from the Eisacktal valley

Wide chestnut groves sweep across the landscape on one side of the valley on the Pfeffersberg mountain near Feldthurns. Numerous hiking trails run past these old chestnut trees, providing the perfect place to while away an autumn day. And the chestnuts themselves are a much-prized fruit – just as delicious roasted as they are in tempting dishes like chestnut soup, chestnut pasta and chestnut mousse.

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Precious herbs

From the forest and the hayfield

South Tyrol’s sunny, mild climate and clean mountain air are the ideal conditions for growing herbs and spices. Whether they are prepared fresh or gently dried, these flavoursome herbs make a delicious addition to a wide range of local products.

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The amazing apple

Crisp, juicy and sweet

Row upon row of apple trees can be found growing on the sunny slopes around Brixen. South Tyrol’s crunchy apples simply thrive here. Rich in vitamin C and minerals, these apples are the perfect pick-me-up or healthy snack. Plus in spring, the apple tree blossom transforms the orchards into a blooming pink paradise. To protect the flowers from frost during cold spring nights, they are often sprinkled with water overnight. The water then freezes to provide a protective covering over the blossom. And in the morning, hikers can marvel at the sparkling water crystals which remain. It really is spectacular. Come down to the orchards in autumn and you can sample a range of apple varieties and discover how nothing quite beats that first bite into a freshly harvested apple.

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White gold

Natural, healthy and regional. The mostly small farms around Brixen supply fresh milk to the Brixen dairy farm every day. The focus is on the preservation of the South Tyrolean cultural landscape, short distances and regional cycles. Especially its cream cheese specialties around mozzarella and ricotta should be tried.
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