Misty Mystery, 2023 – Denmark /Italy

This is an artwork for all the free spirits out there. The collaboration between Mads Vegas, Julian Angerer and Nora Pider started when they met on the Reffen bridge in Copenhagen the first time. The second meeting was in the alps of Italy. This artwork builds a bridge between the north and the south, between light and music, between the skies of the north and the streams of the southern mountains, between expression and noise under the wings of a misty mystery. Lean back and enjoy your own light. Inspired by natural wonders like crystals, rainbows, aurora borealis, waterfall mist and moon reflections. First version “Celestial Garments” was presented at Copenhagen Light Festival, February 2023.

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Mads Vegas & ANGER


Mads Vegas has been working within all specters of light for more than 25 years. He has created lighting designs for theatres, concerts, festivals, arts and social events, restaurants, and light installations in public spaces. Mads Vegas has made large scale winter light installations in Copenhagen, Denmark.

ANGER is a Vienna-based duo comprising Julian Angerer and Nora Pider from Brixen, South Tyrol. They have won several awards, including the XA and Amadeus awards. In addition to their pop-music, ANGER creates immersive experiences through their work in theatre and art installations.

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