Alois Pupp Park

FLOW (2023), Netherlands

Flow is an artwork that responds to how the water defines the city of Brixen, with the two rivers around which the town is built and the abundance of natural springs which is demonstrated by the many fountains in the city. The light installation shows us that water is always in motion and fluctuation, It brings both life and destruction. It is used as a source for drinking and energy but many times it has caused floods as well. It reveals its source, it’s growth and the pure energy of water which moves on all level below and above the ground. Shaped in a circular form, the artwork creates a sacred space like in a temple or shrine, which can have a calming meditative effect but also serves to create awareness of water as a life source.

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Tamar Frank


Tamar Frank graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht. She has been working with light as a medium already during her studies, and later founded her own studio Lightspace. She presented her work at various light festivals, solo and group exhibitions, was awarded at Targetti Light Art Award and DARC Award and is recipient of stipendium for established artists by Mondriaan Fund.

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