Studio Toer
Firefly Field

Herrengarten – Giardino dei Signori

Studio Toer is a multidisciplinary design studio from the Netherlands, founded in 2011 and consisting of Castor Bours and Wouter Widdershoven. All of the duo's work begins with something playful and has a very exploratory and experimental approach. The designers explore both the technical and aesthetic boundaries of design, moving seamlessly into the world of applied art, light installations and interactive experiences.

During the Water Light Festival 2024, their work Firefly Field will enchant visitors to the Herrengarten. Countless small points of light hovering slightly above the ground are reminiscent of the movement of nocturnal fireflies. The glowing dots move and flicker as their bioluminescence is reflected in the flowerbeds and shrubs of the garden.

With this work, Studio Toer express their fascination for the glowing little animals and try to recreate their dynamic luminosity with specially developed LED light points. The unique composition of the individual dots creates a natural and unpredictable movement, which creates a very special and mesmerising atmosphere.

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