Xavi Bové
Lunar Oscillations

Inner courtyard of the Hofburg

Xavi Bové is a Spanish digital art studio consisting of Xavi Bové and Xavi Maixenchs. Together, the artists create audiovisual works of light, image and sound, focussing on themes and concepts such as time, memory, human perception and the interaction between people and their environment.

Xavi Bové founded the studio after years of experience as a sound engineer and expert in the visual telecommunications sector. Xavi Maixenchs joined in 2021 after working as a 3D artist and game designer.

As part of the Water Light Festival 2024, the two artists show the site-specific work Lunar Oscillations in the courtyard of the Hofburg. A contemplative light work centred around the perception of a changing environment, a universe of stars and dynamic moons.

Lunar Oscillations is inspired by the influence of the moon on the oceans and on all living things. The work explores the sensations of the individual when confronted with a space of moving lights and shadows.

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