Fountains of knowledge

Brixen’s cultural and educational establishments

Brixen is a university town with a thriving student community and a host of other places dedicated to learning. The Forum is located just a few hundred metres from the university. Dating back to the Fascist era, it has been used as a conference centre for cultural, business and social events since 2001. Similarly, the convention centre at the Neustift Monastery, the priest seminary and the Cusanus Academy all offer varied programmes of educational and training courses and events. And for any bookworms among you, Brixen’s modern library building stands proudly, but unobtrusively, near the town’s baroque cathedral. History and development in Brixen. The Music and Church Foundation is also an important cultural organisation that is committed to promoting art and music.

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City Gallery of Brixen

Located in the heart of the old town, the City Gallery of Brixen links the Große Lauben arcades with the picturesque cathedral square. The art displayed here comments on a wide range of interconnected social issues. More information about the City Gallery and its exhibitions can be found here.

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Constructed in 1936, this building originally served as a Fascist youth centre or Casa del Balilla and used theatrical performances, sports and other group activities to disseminate Fascist beliefs. Following extensive renovation works, the building complex has been used as a cultural centre since 2019. 

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Cusanus Academy

The Cusanus Academy was opened in 1962 with the aim of bridging the gap between the church and the outside world. Today, it continues to pursue this objective as a venue for educational and training events, meetings and discussions.

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Forum Brixen:
Congress centre

Since 2001, the Forum Brixen has been an important cultural and congress centre. Its functional, multi-purpose design makes it an ideal venue for hosting a wide range of events throughout the year.

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Brixen town library

Curl up with a book and make yourself at home. Situated on the cathedral square, Brixen library is like a large, welcoming living room. Designed to complement the old town’s historic architecture, this modern building features striking oversized windows which offer sweeping views and draw in passers-by.


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The Anreiterkeller cellar in Brixen’s oldest district of Stufels is one of South Tyrol’s four municipal theatres and has been home to the Dekadenz (Decadence) theatre group since the 1980s.

Here, Dekadenz stages its own cabaret shows and contemporary theatre productions and also invites performing artists and musicians from around the world to perform at the venue.

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Free University of Bozen-Bolzano

Brixen is home to the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano’s Faculty of Education. Over 30 professors and almost 40 researchers teach and pursue their research interests in the town. And more than 1,600 students benefit from the excellent learning environment on offer at the Brixen campus. More information about the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano can be found here.


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Priest seminary and baroque library

The priest seminary was founded by Bishop Christoph von Spaur in 1607. It served as a military hospital during the First World War and was only restored to its original purpose after the Second World War. The Philosophical and Theological Academy of Brixen was established here in 1976 during the tenure of Bishop Joseph Gargitter. In addition to training candidates for priesthood, the academy also welcomes women and men who wish to pursue a career in the church as well as students with an interest in philosophy and theology.

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Stiftung Musik & Kirche

The Music and Church Foundation "Stiftung Musik und Kirche" is an important cultural organisation committed to promoting art and music.

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