Tough climbs and rewarding descents

Ski touring in Brixen

Around Brixen, you can choose from a wide range of ski tours, which lead you from fairy-tale snowy valleys high into the Alps. Ascend the mountain as part of a group of skiers and tackle the climb stride by stride. Around you, everything is silent. All you can hear is the soft sound of skis gliding through the snow.

The ascents on these tours require both skill and physical fitness. Before heading out, each tour therefore takes into account the participants’ assessment of their own abilities as well as the snow conditions and the latest avalanche forecast. The avalanche forecast for South Tyrol can be found here.

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Guided ski mountaineering tour on mount Gaishorn

Discover the mountains with local guides

Ski tour to the summit of Gaishorn in the deserted Schalders Valley above Brixen.

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Guided ski mountaineering tour to mount Gabler

discover the mountains with local guides

Ski mountaineering on the Plose, where you meet wide hillsides, lots of sun and a dream view.

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