Places to watch and enjoy the water in Brixen

100% natural and closer than you think. The two springs which supply Brixen with fresh water are both within walking distance of the old town. Brixen is surrounded by countless natural beauty spots and, as you explore the breathtaking scenery, there are plenty of ways to get up close and personal with Brixen’s water. Just imagine the feeling of fresh water flowing over your hands on a warm summer’s day, the bubbling sound of water trickling from a fountain into your water bottle or the refreshing sensation of finally taking off your walking boots after a long hike and slowly dipping your feet into a cool mountain stream. Brixen and its surrounding area are home to around 48 drinking fountains, many of which have witnessed centuries of history.

So take the plunge and make the most of Brixen’s most precious resource.

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Kneipp facility Varna

Treading water in ice-cold streams. This is hardening and improves circulation. The Kneipp facility is located on the outskirts of the village of Vahrn and combines kneipp with pleasure.

more about the facility of Kneipp
Lake Schrütten

Mountain lakes in the Valley of Schalders. Secluded and natural. The two lakes are only accessible on foot, but worth the effort of the climb.

Hike to the mountain lakes
Lake Puntleider

A lonely mountain lake surrounded by forest, mountain peaks and tranquility. Outdoor pool deluxe.

hike to Lake Puntleider
Wasserschöpfe river shore

A power place at the river. Only a few minutes walk from the city. Relax, picnic and enjoy.

hike to the river shore and to the Monastery of Neustift